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covid safety plan

At Sutton Old Mill, the health and safety of our people, clients and communities continues to be our top priority. As an essential service, our office remains open to serve and support our clients, and we have established health & safety protocols to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Policies in our offices and the buildings we manage are constantly being reviewed to ensure they line up with guidelines from Public Health authorities, and we will change our approach as required to provide a safe environment for all.

Outside our offices, we have established the following health & safety protocols for property viewings and open houses [where + when permitted].

For more information about our response to COVID-19, please contact us.

protocols + precautionary measures

  1. Attendees are to be pre-screened for Covid-19 symptoms and will be asked to provide their name/contact information. Contact information will be collected for contact tracing purposes.
  2. Viewings are to be limited to groups of 2-3 people + 10 minutes maximum.
  3. A face mask is required to be worn by all attendees upon entry to the property. If possible, provide disposable masks for attendees who would like to attend, but have not brought a mask.
  4. All attendees are required to practice safe hygiene by disinfecting their hands or wearing gloves prior to entry. Please ensure hand sanitizer is available.
  5. All attendees are required to maintain 6 feet physical distancing at all times while waiting in line and while inside the property
  6. All attendees are to refrain from touching the Seller’s personal belongings and limit the touching of any surfaces.
  7. All attendees are to refrain from using the washroom.
  8. Unless otherwise agreed between the sales representative, and the Seller, lights will be left on and the interior doors as found.
    Sales Representative/Broker to close and lock the door at the conclusion of the open house.
  9. Sales Representative/Broker to disinfect entrance door know/handle, lock boxes and keys upon exiting the home, at the conclusion of the open house.
  10. Signage to be posted to communicate the above protocols + precautionary measures and request that open house attendees are limited to participants that:
  • have already listed or sold their current home, or plan to buy a property within 3-6 months
  • are working with a REALTOR®
  • are prequalified for financing
  • have already viewed the property online at suttonoldmill.com or realtor.ca, and
  • have already viewed the neighbourhood.

seller responsibilities

The following is a list of the required responsibilities of the property’s Seller[s] when hosting an open house at their property.

If desired, sales representatives can make alternative arrangements to transfer the responsibility of items 2-4 below to the sales representative or another party, however any and all changes must be acknowledged in writing.

  1. Seller[s] or tenants cannot be present during the open house.
  2. Seller[s] to agree to sanitizing the property before + after the open house including door handles, counters, light switches or anywhere someone may touch.
  3. Seller[s] to turn on all lights and open interior doors, including closets, prior to the open house.
  4. If possible, Seller[s] to open windows prior to the open house.

multi-tenanted properties

The following is a list  of additional protocols + precautionary measures  for Multi-Tenanted Properties.

  1. Hand sanitization to be available at high touch points, such as elevators/interior doors in common areas.
  2. Ensure physical distancing can be maintained between attendees, visitors and residents in common areas.
  3. If not already implemented by the property, encourage one flow with marked entrance and exits for multi-tenanted properties and post limits during the open house for elevators and other common areas